The American University of Beirut

About the place

  • Country : Lebanon , Beirut

  • Address : Bliss Street, Beirut, Lebanon

  • Category : Educational Centers

  • Establishing Date : 1866

The American University of Beirut


The American University of Beirut (AUB), is a private Lebanese university that was opened on December 3, 1866 AD, and is located in Ras Beirut area of the Lebanese capital.

The university ranked fifth in the Arab world and 915 globally, according to the Webometrics World University Assessment in July 2014.

Historic overview:

It was established in 1866 as an independent private company with the goal of creating a center for a university in Lebanon, and to be a non-sectarian institution. It was called at that time the "Syrian Protestant College", and it was founded by "Daniel Bliss", an American missionary born in 1823 AD. He was appointed as its first president, and in appreciation of him, the street adjacent to the university wall was named after him "Bliss Street", and one of the university's main buildings was named after him "Bliss Hall".

The College began operating under a charter of recognition granted to it by Dr. Daniel Bliss of New York State in the United States of America.

The university opened its doors on December 3, 1866 AD to practice its activities in a rented house in one of Beirut’s districts, and only 16 students registered.

The college curriculum in its first year (1866-1867 AD) included teaching Arabic, English, French, Turkish and Latin languages, then mathematics, ancient Arab history, the history of religions and the Torah, and the teaching staff consisted of 13 teachers.

In 1867, the Colleges of Pharmacy and Medicine were established, and teaching was in Arabic until 1887, when it became in English.

Between 1871 and 1907, the college graduated 154 students from Syria, 75 students from Egypt, 3 students from Iraq, and 69 students from the rest of the Ottoman provinces.

In 1834, the American Mission moved its printing press from Malta to Beirut, which helped in the prosperity of publishing in Lebanon.

For the construction of the university's buildings and in preparation for its future expansion, a land of 736,900 acres was chosen in the Ras Beirut area to be a university campus overlooking the Mediterranean Sea and overlooking Mount Lebanon, as well as the summit of "Mount Sannine".

The university is independent, governed by a Board of Trustees composed of important leadership persons in the fields of commerce, education, diplomatic service, engineering, science and medicine.


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