MS Zenobia Wreck

About the place

  • Country : Cyprus , Larnaca

  • Address : MS Zenobia, Bay, Larnaca, Cyprus

  • Category : Other Places

MS Zenobia Wreck


MS Zenobia Wreck is one of the reasons why divers come to Larnaca, as they can dive and explore the shipwreck. MS Zenobia Wreck is located 42 kilometers under sea level about 10 kilometers from the coast of larnaca. MS Zenobia Wreck is among the top places for diving in Europe and the whole world, where its space amounts to 172 meters.

Historic overview

The ferry launched in 1979 capsized and sank in the Mediterranean Sea near Larnaca in 1980. In contrast to the Titanic, the ship's first voyage to Tartus port in syria‎ was a success. The captain called for help for the first time, where rescue ships were sent to help but the ship sank five days later.


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