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Safi is an important city in the Kingdom of Morocco and it is known as the city of fish and ceramics. Ibn Battuta described it as the metropolis of the ocean, and it has Berber origins that combine originality with contemporary.

Architectural Description:

It extends over an area of 6344 km2 on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, and it rises about five hundred meters above sea level, and is characterized by the lack of its flat terrain.

The Atlas Mountains and the Atlantic Ocean affects its climate in the west; so the weather is mild in summer and cold in winter.

Safi is about 160 km from Marrakesh, and nearly 200 km from Casablanca, as it is located between the cities of El Jadida and Essaouira.

Safi Attractions:

- The Sea Palace: it is a Portuguese landmark located in the heart of Independence Square; its construction dates back to the fifteenth century AD.

- Portuguese Cathedral: This cathedral was founded in 1519 AD by João Luis.

- Dar al-Sultan: It was built in the period between the twelfth and thirteenth centuries AD, specifically during the rule of the unitary State over the country.

- The National Ceramic Museum: This museum is of relatively recent origin, as it dates back to 1990 AD.

















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