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  • Country : Lebanon , Beirut

  • Address : Zuqaq al-Blat, Beirut, Lebanon

  • Category : Celebrities Sites

  • Establishing Date : November 21, 1935 AD


Her name:

• Nouhad Rizk Wadie' Haddad, known as Fairuz and she is a Lebanese singer.

Her birth:

• Fairuz was born in the neighborhood of Zuqaq al-Blat in Beirut, Lebanon, to a poor Syriac Catholic family, on November 21, 1935 AD.

Her life:

• With her late husband "Assi Rahbani" and his brother "Mansour Rahbani", known as Al Rahbani Brothers, she performed many operettas and songs, amounting to 800 songs.

• She started singing when she was about six years old in 1940 AD, as she joined the choir of the Lebanese radio, when Professor Muhammad Fleifel, one of the Fleifel brothers who composed the Syrian national anthem, announced at the school party that was held in 1946 his new discovery, which is the voice of Fairuz.

• Fairuz sang for many poets and composers; Among them is Mikhail Naima with a poem “Tanathary”, and Saeed Akl with a poem “Laeb Al Resha”. She also sang in front of many kings and presidents and in most major festivals in the Arab world. She also had several titles, including "Our Ambassador to the Stars", which the poet Saeed Akl called her to express about the excellence of her voice.

• She performed her concerts in many countries, and there is hardly any artist who has done so.

Fairuz's house:

• The house in which the great singer, Mrs. Fairuz, grew up, was transformed into a museum that houses her singing and theatrical works, after Beirut municipality officially had acquired the property.

• The date of the construction of this house, which has an area of about one hundred meters, dates back to the early nineteenth century, that is, in the era of Ottoman rule in particular.

• As for its engineering character, it ranges between Lebanese and Ottoman. Fairuz lived on the ground floor of this two-storey building, and the upper floor was added to it in the 1920s.


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