Ottoman Governor Ahmed Hamdi Pasha

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  • Country : Lebanon , Beirut

  • Address : Bashoura Muslim Cemetery, Beirut, Lebanon

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Ottoman Governor Ahmed Hamdi Pasha


The Ottoman governor "Ahmed Hamdi Pasha", was the ruler in Syria and Lebanon during the period from 1874 to 1888.

His life:

Hamdi had taken Beirut as his residence, as Beirut at that time was geographically, politically and administratively affiliated to Syria.

During the rule of the governor, "Ahmed Hamdi," Lebanon and Syria witnessed an era of prosperity in science and construction, according to what the historian specializing in the history of Lebanon and the Levant, "Hassan Hallaq," says in an interview with Anatolia.

His achievements:

"The governor Hamdi" was very fond of science and his reign witnessed the establishment of a large number of educational institutions, including the "Al-Makassed Islamic Charitable Association", which is the first association to be established in Lebanon, and it is also the first association concerned with science and building schools in Beirut.

His death:

At the end of the year 1891, the "governor" had a rare disease that ended with his death, so he was buried in that area adjacent to his place of residence and near one of "Al Makassed" schools that were established during his reign.

During the urban development and the expansion of roads, the entire cemetery was moved inside the wall of “Al-Bashoura” cemetery, to become one of those burials, but what distinguishes it is its huge and ancient engineering structure, which refers to the era of the Ottoman Caliphate.


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