The place of the descent of Adam, peace be upon him

About the place

  • Country : India , North India

  • Address : Mount Everest, India

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The place of the descent of Adam, peace be upon him

Historic overview:

Al-Tabari narrated in his history of Ibn Abbas, may God please him, that he said that Adam descended in India and Eve in Jeddah, and he searched for her until they met and Eve came to him. Therefore, it was called Muzdalifah and they were acquainted in Arafat, so it was called Arafat.

He also mentioned that the summit of the mountain on which Adam had descended is one from the nearest summit on earth to the sky.

current location:

Everest summit:

Mount Everest is the highest mountain on earth, as its height was estimated at 8,848 meters, rising to about 9 km above sea level, so it was called Everest, and it is one of the mountains that make up the Himalayan mountain ranges, on the borders of Chinese Tibet, Nepal and northern India.

Mount Everest was named after the British, Sir George Everest, who discovered this mountain in the year 1856 AD.


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