Al Ahmidiya School

About the place

  • Country : Kuwait , Kuwait City

  • Address : 25, Al Kuwayt, Kuwait

  • Category : Educational Centers

  • Establishing Date : May 1921 AD

  • founder : Sheikh Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah

Al Ahmidiya School


- Al Ahmidiya School was established during the era of Sheikh Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, may God have mercy on him, in May 1921 AD.

- Its location was initially in Fereej Saud in the tribal neighborhood directly on the sea coast, and to the north of Al-Madahka Building, Al-Khashti Building, Al-Shatti Building, and Al-Mubaraki Building.

- Its first site was demolished in 1957, and another new building was built in the tribal district, also on the street overlooking the sea; after owning a number of houses, including the house of Youssef Al-Marzouq, may God have mercy on him.

- The second building of the school is located on the western side of the Yaqoub Al-Ghanim Mosque, which is currently called Al-Khalid Mosque. The first superintendent of the school is Sheikh Youssef bin Issa Al-Qana’i, and after him is the virtuous educator Abdul-Malik Al-Salih Al-Mubayed, and the last of them is Mr. Saleh Abdul-Malik Al-Saleh, may God have mercy on them all.


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