Ahmed bin Ali Stadium (al Rayyan Stadium)

About the place

  • Country : Qatar , Al-Rayyan

  • Address : Al Rayyan, Qatar

  • Category : Sport Stadiums

  • Establishing Date : December 18, 2020

Ahmed bin Ali Stadium (al Rayyan Stadium)


The evening of December 18, 2020 witnessed an amazing start to Ahmed bin Ali Stadium, as it hosted the Prince Cup Final between Al Sadd and Al Arabi teams.

Al Rayyan area where the stadium is located is known for its adherence to history and the love of its people for authentic culture. Its club - Al Rayyan Sports Club - is one of the most popular football clubs in Qatar. Al Rayyan community is characterized by interconnectedness and cohesion, and they are so loyal to their club, which will have a new stadium with a capacity of up to 40,000 spectators during matches of FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022.

The stadium derives its characteristics from Al-Rayyan region that embraces it, which is characterized by a geographical location adjacent to the desert, which makes it keener to preserve nature and its resources, which have always acquired great importance in the lives of the people of the region. Therefore, the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy was keen to use building materials and environmentally friendly practices in the construction of the new stadium.

Sustainability was taken into account when designing the component parts of the area surrounding the stadium. After the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 ™ ends, the capacity of the 40,000-seat stadium will be halved. The other half of the seats will be dismantled and given to football development projects around the world, and the stadium in its new size after the tournament will enable Al Rayyan people to preserve the character of friendliness and familiarity with which their region has known since ancient times.


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