Yusuf al-Azma

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  • Country : Syria , Damascus

  • Address : Khan Maysaloun, Syria

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Yusuf al-Azma


• He is the first commander of the Syrian army, and the leader of the martyrs who defended Syria's honor with their lives in Battle of Maysalun, so he was a symbol of martyrdom and martyrs.

• He traveled and visited many military fronts and worked under the command of a number of Ottoman officers and accompanied some European officers while he was still in the prime of his youth.

• King Faisal spoke of him by saying: "Youssef Al-Azma will have a great reputation among men and will play a dangerous role on the political scene."

• As for General Gouraud spoke of him by saying: "This young officer was a fierce enemy for us."

His upbringing:

• Youssef Al-Azma's upbringing and his biography foretell an honorable and unusual end for an energetic and brave Damascene young man.

• The martyr "Youssef Al-Azma" was born in one of the oldest neighborhoods; “Al-Shaghour-Al-Samadia” neighborhood on 4/4/1884 AD, a descendant of a conservative Damascene family that inherited military traditions since the seventeenth century. His father, "Ibrahim bin Abdul Rahman", was an employee of the "Damascus Finance", and he died when he was six years old, so he his brother, "Abdul-Aziz" took care of him, who later became the governor of Yemen and Tripoli in the West.

His death:

• He fought the French with a big, unequal battle, the “Battle of Maysalun,” which took place on the 7th of Dhu al-Qa’dah corresponding to July 24 (1920) between the Syrian army led by Youssef al-Azma, the Syrian Arab Minister of War, and the French army that came to occupy Syria under the command of General Henry Guru. He fell as a martyr and be buried in the Martyrs Cemetery in Maysaloun, near the city of Damascus, thirty kilometers west of Damascus. A mausoleum was built for him with the inscription "Yusuf al-Azma, Minister of War on 7 Dhu al-Qi'dah 1338 AH."


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