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  • Country : Syria , Damascus

  • Address : Mazanet Ash-Shahm, Damascus, Syria

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Nizar Qabbani


• Nizar Qabbani is one of the important, famous, and well-liked Arab poets.

• He became famous throughout the world. He is of Syrian nationality. He was born on the twenty-first of March of the year 1923 AD, in one of the old neighborhoods of Damascus, to a Damascene family distinguished by its tradition and originality, as his grandfather was one of the pioneers of the Arab theater.

• He studied law in Damascus and later worked in the diplomatic corps, a job through which he traveled in various capitals of the world.

• The poet has been described as a poet of love and women. He also wrote on politics, as he is an ambassador besides writing poetry.

• Nizar Qabbani married twice during his life, first to a Syrian woman named Zahra, and the other to an Iraqi woman named Balqis, who died in the bombing of the Iraqi embassy in Beirut, which had a great impact on his life.

• Qabbani died of a heart attack in London on April 30, 1998 AD, and was buried according to his will in his hometown in Damascus.

• He published many poetic works and collections during the years he lived, amounting to about thirty-five collections and literary works, among which we mention the following:

- The Damascene poem. (Al qasida Al Demashqia)

- A poem (bread, weed, and the moon - Khobz, hashesh wa qamar)

- Collection of poems (you are mine – Anti Lii)

- Collection of poems (The brunette told me – Qalat Lii al Samraa)

- Collection of Poems (drawing with words – Al rasm Bi Al Kalemat)

- Collection of poems (100 love letters – Maa’t Resalet Hob)

- Collection of poems (My love – Habibati)

- The poetic prose work (A green lamp – Al Qandel Al Akhdar)

• It is worth mentioning that many of Nizar Qabbani's poems were sung and composed by great singers and composers. Asala, Magda El Roumi, Kazem El Saher, Khaled El Shaer, Abdel Halim Hafez, Umm Kulthum and others singers.

Nizar Qabbani's house:

• The house of Nizar Qabbani, Asmahan and al-Na'san: in Old Damascus, in a neighborhood characterized by its richness in traditional houses, called (Mazanet Ash-Shahm), separating the old markets from the neighborhood of al-Amin, al-Shaghour and al-Bab al-Saghir, and in one of its traditional Levantine houses.

• The house attracted tourists, visitors, intellectuals and writers to visit it. It is the house that gave him inspiration for poetry through jasmine, citrus and citron bushes in its spacious courtyard and watching its pool in the middle of the vast courtyard built of white, black and pink stone.

• In the attic where upstairs there is a Nazar's room, where ivy plants still lie on its walls and its branches hang on its windows and stair railings, and in his room, there is the wooden table decorated with mother-of-pearl and Damascene mosaic and decorated with silver, on which he wrote his poems, and there is the treasury, a picture of his father, the Mujahid Tawfiq Qabbani, and historical and heritage books.


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