Sheikh of Islam Ibn Taymiyyah

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  • Country : Syria , Damascus

  • Address : University of Damascus, Damascus, Syria

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Sheikh of Islam Ibn Taymiyyah

Name, descent and birth:

• He is Abu Al-Abbas Ahmed bin Taqi Al-Din bin Shihab Al-Din bin Abdul Halim bin Abdul Salam Majd Al-Din Abi Al-Barakat bin Abdullah bin Taymiyyah.

• He was born in Harran on the Monday tenth and it was said the twelfth of the month of Rabi` al-Awwal in the year six hundred and sixty-one after the migration of the Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace.

His upbringing:

• Sheikh of Islam "Ibn Taymiyyah", may God have mercy on him, grew up in Harran until he reached the age of seven, then he emigrated with his father and brothers to Damascus.

• He grew up, may God have mercy on him, in an ancient family known for its knowledge.

• He grew up, may God have mercy on him, in an old and respectable family known for its knowledge.

• He was born, may God have mercy on him, and grew up in a stage when the Islamic state and nation were in a state of rupture and weakness. When the Tatars appeared, killing people and looting their homes, his quest for knowledge did not prevent him from participating in the events of his time, rather he, may God have mercy on him, participated in that with the participation of the mujahid scholar; Participate with his sword, tongue and pen in their fight.

His writings:

• Imam "Ibn Taymiyyah" had many books and works, the most prominent of which are:

"Al-Istiqama" (integrity) is a printed book in two parts, and it was verified by Dr. Muhammad Rashad Salem.

"Iqtidha al-Sirat al-Mustaqim Li Mokhalfat Ashab Al Jahim" (The Right Path to Dissent from the Companions of Hell”), printed in two parts, and verified by Dr. Nasir al-Aql.

The book “Bayan Talbees Al-Jahmiyyah” was investigated in eight doctoral letters.

Book "Al jawab Al Sahih Li Man Badl Deen Al maseeh - The Right Answer for Those Who Changed the Religion of Christ".


• The Sheikh of Islam "Ibn Taymiyyah", may God have mercy on him, passed away on Monday night, corresponding to the twentieth of the month of Dhul-Qa'dah in the year 728 AH / 1328 AD, in the citadel of Damascus, in which he was imprisoned.

His grave:

• The Syrian regime authorities recently removed the tomb of Ibn Taymiyyah and concealed its features from the place where he was buried at Damascus University - behind the Self and Personnel Affairs building - behind the University Maternity House in Al Baramkeh neighborhood in central Damascus. However, the tomb of Ibn Taymiyyah was preserved out of respect for his position among the people.

• Dr. Qutaiba Al-Shihabi mentioned in his book (The Historical Dictionary of Damascus - Mojam Demashq Al Tarekhi) that Al-Baramkeh is one of the neighborhoods of Damascus that was built outside its walls, and extends from the Qanawat neighborhood to the Jamarik square. Those buried there were from the Barmak family, among whom were the ministers of the Abbasids, such as Jafar al-Barmaki, and those who were buried there: Ibn Taymiyyah, Ibn Kathir, Ibn Salah al-Hanbali, and Ibn Asakir.


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