Hammam Harasta

About the place

  • Country : Syria , Damascus

  • Address : Harasta, Syria

  • Category : Baths and Sabil

  • Establishing Date : middle of the Ottoman period

  • founder : Ibrahim Pasha.

Hammam Harasta

Harasta bath


• Harasta Hammam dates back to the middle of the Ottoman period during the reign of Ibrahim Pasha.

• The bathroom area is 300 square meters.

• The Directorate is currently carrying out the restoration work of the archaeological bath, as it is considered one of the important and rare archaeological baths in the "Rural Damascus" area, after the Directorate registered it among the archaeological sites, due to its architectural distinction, especially its successive domes.

• All the basic building elements were discovered after they were buried, such as the fountain, floors, ceilings and domes. All the encroachments adjacent to it were removed, such as Arab houses and shops, in order to highlight the bathroom as an archaeological site that can revive the urban heritage in Harasta and the countryside.


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