Hammam Ammuna

About the place

  • Country : Syria , Damascus

  • Address : Amunna Bath, Al Omawi St, Damascus, Syria

  • Category : Baths and Sabil

Hammam Ammuna

Ammuna bath


• It is located in the "Al-Amarah" neighborhood behind the "Al-Dahdah" cemetery.

• The hammam is considered one of the most famous and oldest hammams in "Damascus".

Historic overview:

• The story of Hammam Ammuna being called “the brave bath - Hammam al Shojaa,” as the people of the area know it, who tell its story until our days, that there was a guardian named “Shojaa,” and the bathroom area was located outside the wall of “old Damascus.” The area at that time was mostly orchards, and going to the bathroom required courage from anyone, because he had to cross the "old Damascus" wall to be able to reach it. For this reason, it was also called a “hammam al shojaa”, then the ownership of the hammam was transferred to a woman named “Amna” and then to a woman named “Ammuna” and the ownership of the hammam was transferred from one woman to another.

Architectural description:

• The bathroom, as an engineering building, consists of a large hall called “al-Barani - external section” and it consists of a wide platform around which terraces are lined, and in the middle is a beautiful “Bahra - fountain”, and the bathroom floor is covered with rugs and carpets.

• As for the second part of the bathroom, it is "Al Wastani - the middle" and it is called the moderate part. It includes all services such as showers and toilets.

• The third section is called “Al-Jawani - external section” composed of a section with a high temperature and it is called “The Hamiya” and in the middle of it there is a bench called “House of Fire” on which one can be stretched for relaxation. As for the other part, its temperature is usually acceptable for bathing. In the service of the bathroom is the director, and she was called in the past "Al Moalema" Then comes Al Mokayesa which cleans the body with a black bag to remove the outer layer of the skin. Then comes the masseuse who makes the body massage to help the body to relax, and finally the buffet worker to provide the requests that the ladies request after finishing the shower.

• As for the bathroom style, it goes back to the time when the bathroom was built, but due to weather factors, it has undergone some minor modifications and renovations.


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