Khusruwiyah School (Khusruwiyah Mosque)

About the place

  • Country : Syria , Aleppo

  • Address : Khusruwiyah School, Aleppo, Syria

  • Category : Educational Centers

Khusruwiyah School (Khusruwiyah Mosque)

Khusruwiyah Madrasa


• Its building is located opposite the gate of the “Aleppo Citadel”.

• It is called “Khusruwiyah” or as it used to be called “Khosrovia”, which is a mistake, and perhaps the reason for this was - as one of her old students stated - that they might have been bored with education, so they said: Khosrovia and they mean that they lost in it.

Historic overview:

• It belongs to "Khusro Pasha bin Sinan," who endowed it and recommended its construction, and this "Khusro" is the guardian of the sponsorship of "Aleppo" in the year 938 AH.

• It is the first mosque and school built during the Ottoman Empire in "Aleppo", and its construction was completed in 951 AH.

• It is mentioned that the "Khusruwiyah School" today is the same as the "Sharia Secondary School for Boys in Aleppo".

Architectural Description:

• It consists of a school with rooms and a mosque, and many changes have taken place in its construction.

• The mosque is square in shape, its length is about six meters and its width is also six meters, and the width of its walls is more than two meters, and perhaps that is why the earthquake that occurred in 1237 AH did not affect it.

• Its four walls are interspersed with very wide ten windows, and the mosque's minaret (minaret) is of great height and is round in shape, in the style of the "Istanbul" minarets at that time.

• On the eastern side there is also a ablution and sanitizer for washing the dead, and six rooms, and on the western side there is a school with ten rooms, eight for students, one for the teacher and one for the school gatekeeper, and on the north side there are ten rooms for travelers.

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