Hafez Ibrahim – Dayrout

About the place

  • Country : Egypt , Asyut

  • Address : Dayrout, Dayrout El-Shareef, Dairout, Assiut Governorate

  • Category : Celebrities Sites

Hafez Ibrahim – Dayrout

Historic overview:

The poet Hafez Ibrahim was born on board of a ship that was anchored on the Nile River in front of Dayrout, which is a village in Asyut Governorate, it contains many villages, the number of which is about (38) major villages, and it was named by that name due to the largest and oldest village in it which is the village of “Dayrout al-Sharif,” which was known in the past as “Tiroti Sarapam”. Then the Arabs converted it to “Dayrout,” meaning the dense tree or the nursing mother.


“shueara' alwatania fi alasr alhadith” by Abd al-Rahman al-Rafi'i, p. (95).




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