El-Shaikh Ebada Village

About the place

  • Country : Egypt , Minya

  • Address : El-Shaikh Ebada, Mallawi, Minya Governorate

  • Category : Celebrities Sites

El-Shaikh Ebada Village


• Where is the city of Maria al-Qibtiyya located?

The Messenger - may God’s prayers and peace be upon him - recommended a good to the people of Egypt who are the people of Mariya al-Qibtiyya and said: “I have in them a responsibility and a mercy” meaning Hajar and Mariya.

Upon the conquest of Egypt, Ebada bin Al-Samit - may God please him - built a mosque in the village of Maria, called (Hifn Ansna), which became called the village of Sheikh Ebada, and its location is in Mallawi district in Minya Governorate in Upper Egypt.

Investigation by Sheikh Hefni Nasif





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