Mousa- Jericho

About the place

Mousa- Jericho

Historic overview:

• Allah says" O my people, enter the Holy Land which Allah has assigned to you" 

• Sufyan al-Thawri “It is Jericho.” , as well as many interpreters who mentioned the same city.

• Abu Saeed said, Ikrimah said, that Ibn Abbas said: Mousa was commanded to enter the city of the mighty. He said: So Mousa walked with those with him until he came down near the town - which is Jericho.

Current location: 

•Jericho is an ancient historic Palestinian city located on the West Bank near the Jordan River and north of the Dead Sea. The city of Jericho is located 36 km east of Jerusalem, on the road to Amman, and at the intersection of the highway that leads to Galilee.


•Tafsir al-Qur'an al-`azim by Ibn Kathir.

•Atlas tarikh al-anbiya wa-al-rusul  by Sami Abd Allah Maghluth, page 152.

• Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, Jericho City.






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