Yunus, peace be upon him – Nineveh

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Yunus, peace be upon him – Nineveh

Historical overview:

Allah says: " Then has there not been a [single] city that believed so its faith benefited it except the people of Jonah? When they believed, we removed from them the punishment of disgrace in worldly life and gave them enjoyment for a time". Surah Yunus.

It is narrated in the story of the people of Yunus (Jonah) by a group of interpreters, that the people of Yunus (Jonah) were in Nineveh from the land of Mosul and they used to worship idols, so God sent them Yunus (Jonah), peace be upon him, inviting them to Islam and leaving what they were upon, but they refused, It was said: He kept praying for them for nine years and despaired of their faith.

Current Location: 

Nineveh is in northern Iraq, located on the eastern bank of the Tigris River, to the south of the city of Mosul, which is the second largest city in Iraq and is 465 km away from Baghdad, bordered to the west by Syria.


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