Cağaloğlu Bath (Cağaloğlu Hamami)

About the place

  • Country : Turkey , Istanbul

  • Address : Alemdar Mh., Cağaloğlu Hamamı Sk. No: 34, 34110 Fatih / İstanbul, Turkey.

  • Category : Baths and Sabil

  • Establishing Date : 1741

  • founder : Sultan Mahmud I

Cağaloğlu Bath (Cağaloğlu Hamami)


• Cagaloglu Hamam is one of the most famous Turkish baths in Istanbul.

• It is located in the “Eminonu” district in Istanbul, near the “Basilica Cistern”.

Historic overview:

• It is a historical bath that was established in Istanbul by “Sultan Mahmud I” in 1741 AD, in order to secure financial income for the “Hagia Sophia College Library” and “Hagia Sophia Mosque”.

• The master plan was drawn up by the constructor, Sulaiman Agha, and executed by the architect, Abdullah Agha.

• There was in the same place before the construction of the bath the palace of "Ibrahim Pasha Al-Noushahri", which was exposed to a fire in 1740 AD.

• This bathhouse, which is three hundred years old, still serves many foreign and local visitors.

• This hammam offers many services that are unique to it in addition to other services which are related to the Turkish bath, such as concerts in the hammam, but if you intend to attend one, you must book first.

Architectural description:

• The bathroom consists of two parts, a women's section whose entrance is from the bathroom alley, and a section for men whose entrance is from the street.

• We find the use of the Baroque style in its construction, which was not present in the classic Ottoman construction and it is considered one of the last large baths that was built in the Ottoman era.

• The Jamkan place (changing clothes place) in the bathroom is covered by a large dome and above it there are changing rooms.

• In the middle of the bathroom there is a large pool formed from one piece of marble, with three floors of precious mosaic in the middle.

• The warm part of the bath is covered by a large dome on four marble legs, flanked by seven small domes.

• As for the hot section that is entered from the warm part, it is covered by a very large dome placed on eight columns of marble.


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