Beyer Watch Museum

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  • Country : Switzerland , Zurich

  • Address : Bahnhofstrasse 31, 8001 Zürich, Switzerland

  • Category : Museums

Beyer Watch Museum

Uhrenmuseum Beyer Zürich


• The "Beyer watch museum" is one of the most prominent tourist places in Switzerland Zurich and one of the leading private museums in the world.

• The museum is located in the Bahnhofstrasse area of Zurich near the Zurich Old Botanical Garden.

Inside the museum:

• The museum includes all kinds of watches since ancient times, such as water, solar, hourglass and other watches, and even modern and precious Swiss watches today. The museum is intended for those interested in rare watches and everything related to timekeeping and the pieces related to it.

• The museum includes more than 250 pieces, decorated with many decorations that reflect the history of each era that they came from, and made with different metals, the most famous of which are copper, silver and gold, as well as modern ones that include pieces of diamonds.

• Your tour inside the "Beyer Watch Museum" begins with learning about the history of watches from the beginning of their manufacture to the present day, which the guide inside the museum tells you in 6 different European languages, with illustrations and pieces that accurately reflect this.

• Then you go on a wonderful individual tour in the middle of the museum, where you learn about the types of watches that have been made since approximately 1400 BC, such as shadow clocks, water clocks, sundials and lunar clocks.

• Then, from these ancient clocks, you start to get acquainted with another type of clocks, such as wall clocks, hanging clocks, side clocks, table clocks, alarm clocks and other clocks that each type has its own decorative character.

• Then it turns towards modern watches, most of which are handmade watches made in unique ways, bearing the signature of the Beyer global brand on their sides.


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