Glacier Garden of Lucerne

About the place

  • Country : Switzerland , Lucerne

  • Address : Denkmalstrasse 4, 6006 Luzern, Switzerland

  • Category : Museums

Glacier Garden of Lucerne

Gletschergarten Luzern


“Gletschergarten”, which means: glacier garden, is a museum and a garden at the same time.

"Glacier Garden" is located in "Lucerne" in the district of Denkmalstrasse, which is one of the most beautiful areas visited by a large number of visitors throughout the year.

Architectural description:

Glacier Garden of Lucerne is also known as the "Glacier Garden Museum"; because it includes many fossils and archeology from the Ice Age and much earlier, it is a natural exhibition of geological archeology.

Your unique exploratory journey in the "Glacier Garden of Lucerne" begins with the first stage, which includes the "glacier", where the river includes many potholes that you can explore and admire its creation and formation; In the middle of the "glacier" in the "Glacier Garden Museum" are many fossils gathered, and the leaves of the tropical palm tree dating back more than 20 million years, which you cannot see anywhere around the world.

You can proceed to the "second stage" of the journey inside the garden, where you can learn about the animals that existed during the Ice Age and before, where the "Glacier Garden Museum" provides you with many fossils such as a frozen mammoth, and a lot of frozen tropical and subtropical plants, you can also see many pictures that reflect different archeology and geological life.

The third stage begins with the "Glacier Garden Museum", which is considered the most interesting stage; as it includes many mirrors in the form of long tunnels, you will imagine that the corridors are an endless maze, but they are short in reality, and the most beautiful thing that distinguishes these mirrors is their Andalusian character; They are similar to the corridors in the "Alhambra" in Andalusia, Spain. When walking inside these corridors, we recommend that you raise your hand before hitting one of the mirrors.


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