Sabil of Sultan Mahmoud Khan

About the place

  • Country : Egypt , Cairo

  • Address : Al-Helmiya, El-Darb El-Ahmar, Cairo Governorate

  • Category : Baths and Sabil

  • Establishing Date : (1164 AH / 1752 AD)

  • founder : Sultan Mahmoud Khan, the son of Sultan Mustafa Khan

Sabil of Sultan Mahmoud Khan

Historic overview:

It was built by Sultan Mahmoud Khan, the son of Sultan Mustafa Khan (1164 AH / 1752 AD), who assumed power after the ouster of Sultan Ahmed, and his term lasted twenty-five years.

Sultan Mahmoud Khan was known for his integrity, as he was the last of the Ottoman sultans who are known for good conduct, and he died in the year “1168 AH / 1754 AD”

Architectural description:

The Sabil is an Ottoman-style building with an arched façade.

The façade of the sabil is divided into three sections: the first is the entrance to the sabil, the second is the watering room, and the third is the facade of Kuttab entrance. It is more prominent than the façade of the watering room, in the middle of which is the entrance to the sabil. In the middle of the entrance is a rectangular door opening, it is closed by a wooden door made of fillings collected by geometric decorations. The entrance door is overridden by a straight architrave made of marble with the text of the foundation of the sabil.


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