Murano Island

About the place

  • Country : Italy , Venice

  • Address : Murano, 30141 Venezia VE, Italy

  • Category : Islands and Beaches

Murano Island


• Murano is a chain of islands linked by bridges in the Venetian Lagoon, about a mile north of Venice.

Historic overview:

• The island was discovered by the Romans.

• “Murano Island” is famous for its glass industry, as the “Governor of Venice” transferred all glass makers to Murano in the “thirteenth century”, and since then all glass makers live on this island to protect the secrets of glass making, but today it has become from the heritage and culture in Venice.

Architectural Description:

• The island is famous for its colorful houses, and the houses form a scene like a rainbow, and the fishermen were the first to color their houses so that they could see their houses while they were fishing.

• One of Murano's most important architecture is the Basilica of Santa Maria San Donato.

• This island is characterized by its calm, and there are in particular three places that are considered among the basics of tourism there:

glass factories:

• There are many different factories, so these factories are considered one of the main tourist destinations on the island, it is possible to learn how to make many shapes of colored glass by blowing it with fire.

Glass Museum:

• The history of the establishment of the "Glass Museum" dates back to 1923 AD, and this museum allows visitors to learn about the various glass shapes, which differ in their beautiful shapes, sizes and colors as they date back to a long time.

Palazzo Da Mula:

• This palace is considered one of the oldest monuments on the island of Murano, as it was built in the 12th century, and its windows are distinguished by a unique design, making it one of the most beautiful and best tourist destinations in the island.

• It flourished as a port for fishing and for the production of salt, as it can be considered one of the most important centers of trade and the export and import of goods.

• The island is also famous for the production of "lace", you can buy the finest types of "lace" as it is a wonderful handicraft.

• You can also take advantage of the shops there and buy goods and products.

How to get there:

The nearest ferry is Murano Venier, Murano Museo SX or Murano Colonna


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