Tomb of Ibn Batutta

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  • Country : Morocco , Tangier

  • Address : Rue Ibn Batouta, Tanger, Morocco

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Tomb of Ibn Batutta

Tombeau Ibn Batouta


It is claimed that this modest tomb is the last resting place of the traveler Ibn Battuta, who was born in Tangier in 1304 AD and became the largest traveler of this period, surpassing Marco Polo.

Ibn Battuta, a scholar and judge, traveled through North Africa and the Middle East, then to Russia, Central Asia, and China, and back through Sri Lanka and East Africa.

Through Ibn Battuta's travels, he shows the extent of the interdependence of the Islamic nation and the strength of its unity, as he went out for his long journey with little money, but the cohesion and brotherhood of the nation worked to help him in his journey, and to provide him with what he wanted.

Sultan “Abu Adnan al-Marini” ordered its writer, Minister Muhammad bin Juzi al-Kalbi, to write what Sheikh Ibn Battuta dictated to him, so he finished writing it in the year 1356 AD, and called it “ Tohfet Al Nozar fi Ghraeb Al Amsar wa Aagaeb Al Asfar - A masterpiece to those who contemplate the wonders of cities and the marvels of travelling.” Ibn Battuta’s journey has been appreciated by many scholars and researchers for a long time. It has been translated into English, French, German and Turkish.

Ibn Battuta's farewell to the world was in the city of Tangier in the year 779 AH / 1378 AD, and whoever visits Morocco today will find in the city of Tangier a path called the path of Ibn Battuta where he used to live, and near Tangier market will find his tomb in which he was buried.

The tomb is often closed.


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