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• The city of Jakarta is an Indonesian city, representing the administrative capital of the country since 1949 AD. It is also considered the largest city in it, and the center of trade, transportation, administration, and industry for Indonesia; it contributes significantly to the import and export because of the existence of the port of Tanjung Priok, which is the largest port in Indonesia, and agricultural and mining products are the main exports in it, and it has an international airport, and includes many factories dedicated to the manufacture of wood, textiles, chemicals, electronics, and many others.

• The Indonesian city of Jakarta is located in the continent of Asia, specifically at the mouth of the Ci Liwung River located in the area overlooking the northwest coast of the Java Sea, on the Gulf of Jakarta. The borders of Jakarta also include a number of small islands in the Java Sea.

• The history of the establishment of the Indonesian city of Jakarta dates back to the fourth century AD, and it was known at the time as Sunda Kelapa, and it was the commercial port of the kingdom at that time, and it was also known as Batavia, as it was considered the capital of the Dutch East Indies, and in 1946 AD, the country gained its independence from The Netherlands, and the city was named Jakarta, which in 1950 became the official capital of the country. With the passage of time, Jakarta enjoyed a great development in the infrastructure, and in the industrial and commercial fields.

• The most important tourist sites in Jakarta: Soekarno Airport, Istiqlal Mosque, National Monument, Jalan Surabaya Market, Sea World Park, and Dunia Fantasi.