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About the city


• Baalbek is a Lebanese city located in the heart of the Beqaa Valley, which was famous for its richness and abundance of agricultural crops due to the extension of its lands and the abundance of the Litani River waters that irrigate its lands. It is the center of Baalbek-Hermel governorate. It has been famous through the ages because of its location on landlines.

• The Romans built huge temples there and its monuments that attract tourists testify to its originality.

• International festivals are held there which attracts the most famous Arab and foreign artists.

• The name of the city is old, as it was mentioned in the Torah as "Baalbak". Anis Freiha mentioned in his book “The Names of Lebanese Cities and Villages” that the city’s name is Sami and its source is the words “Baal” meaning “owner” or “master” or “Lord”. And the word "Bak" means " Bekaa", refusing to be the name of a god, as some claim because it is not present in the Semitic languages, so it means "the god of the Bekaa Valley."

• It is also said that its name refers to "the city of the god Baal." In the days of the Romans, the city was called "Heliopolis" (meaning "the city of the sun") by the Romans, specifically as "the colony of Julia Agusta, the city of the sun." The Omyun also called it the castle.