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About the city


• The province of Mostaganem is among 48 provinces among the provinces of Algeria, and it takes an administrative code No. 27, extending an area of about 2,269 square kilometres, and taking the city of Mostaganem as its center, and its population is approximately 75 thousand people, which is 329 people per square kilometre in terms of population density.

• The city is characterized by stunning natural landscapes; Where the beaches extend for long distances, and its lands are covered with greenery, which gives the viewer a wonderful view, and it is mentioned that the history of the city’s establishment dates back to the Roman era. It had the name Kartina until the eleventh century AD and was named Morostag. After that, the famous Turkish naval commander Hayreddin Barbarossa put his influence over it in 1516 AD, and it witnessed unprecedented flourish in its history. It became a commercial port and a center of operations for this leader, and it was also subject to the control of the Ottoman Empire in 1700 AD, then moved under the French mandate in 1832 AD until the country became fully independent in 1962 AD.

• Among the most prominent landmarks of the city: Palace of Bey Muhammad al-Kabir, Kharrouba Mill (Caroubier Mill), Tabana neighborhood, Maghra al-Zaitoun ibn Abd al-Malik Ramadan, Mosque of Sidi Lakhdar Benkhlouf, the walls of Mostaganem, Wadi al-Yahud (Valley of the Jews).