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Chlef Province is one of the Algerian states located in the west of Algeria, 200 kilometres northwest of the capital Algiers, and on the north, it is bordered by the Mediterranean Sea, and on the south, it is bordered by Tissemsilt Province, while on the eastern side, it is bordered by Tipaza Province and Aïn Defla Province and on the west, it is bordered by Mostaganem and Relizane. The population of the state is about 1,014,000, according to the available statistics for the year 2008 AD, and its area is about 4,791 km².

Chlef Province had more than one name, including (Castelium Tingitanium) meaning Tingitana castle. Chlef Province was following the rule of Mauretania Tingitana. (Idols) (al'asnam) This name came from the Muslims who conquered the city, due to the presence of Roman carvings and large columns, which were called idols (al'asnam). (Orléans ville) and the meaning of these two words are the city of Duke of Orléans. (Chlef) and so named after the name of Oued Chlef. It was named by that name, as a derivation from the Phoenician word chlefan or chlemath, which is the god of fertility and growth among the Phoenicians.

The province witnessed more than one violent earthquake, such as the earthquake in 1922 AD, and the earthquake in 1954 AD, which killed hundreds of lives, and in 1980 AD the region witnessed two consecutive earthquakes, which raised the level of damage to its lands, facilities and residents as well, where more than three thousand people were killed, and in general the province includes 35 municipalities and 13 departments.