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Los Angeles

Los Angeles is located in southwestern California on the Pacific coast of the United States of America, and it is its largest city.

It is the second largest city in terms of population of 3.69 million people after New York City, according to 2000 statistics. They are of different ethnicities and origins, which made it one of the most important cultural, economic, and scientific centers in the United States.

It has an area of 1290.6 km².

The name of the city means: the angels in the Spanish language, which is an abbreviation of its name "Pueblo de Nuestra Señora la Reina de Los Ángeles del Río Porciúncula", meaning: the village of Our Lady, Queen of the Angels of the River of Porciuncula.

Los Angeles is located in the northern side of the San Gabriel Mountains and the southern side of the Pacific Ocean. Therefore it has a diverse terrain and nature, represented by the white sandy coasts extending from Santa Monica Bay to San Pedro.

It comes in the third place in terms of the length of its coasts. The area of water bodies in the city reaches 5.86% of its total area, the most prominent of which are:

-Los Angeles River, which is the main waterway in the city, is a small river that passes from the San Fernando Valley, reaching the greater part of the city, and then flows into the Pacific Ocean.

The city contains 379 parks on an estimated area of 63.5 km², the most prominent of which are:

-Griffith Park, which was the world's largest park in terms of area, in addition to containing many nature reserves that has rare plants, but they are endangered.

Los Angeles is classified as a warm Mediterranean climate, which is relatively dry; its winters are moderately cold and humid at times, while it is hot and dry in the summer. The rains fall during the winter and spring seasons, with a high level of humidity.

Los Angeles has been known for many years as the creativity capital of the world due to the high percentage of culture and education in it. There are also one in six people who work in creative industries and crafts, such as artists, writers, and film producers, in addition to the fields of dance, singing, and music.