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San Diego

It is one of the famous American cities, as it was ranked the second in California and it is divided into several cities, including: San Marcos, Santi, La Mesa and others. Maybe, it has many tourist places which is one of the most important factors that distinguish it.

San Diego is one of the historical and ancient cities, where it was inhibited by people about 10.000 years ago. It is one of the first cities which the Europeans visited when (Juan Cabrillo) was appointed as its leader in 1542 AD. In 1821 AD, it became affiliated to the state of Mexico, especially after its independence from the state of Spain, and in 1850 AD, after the Mexican-American War, it was annexed to America and became an official part of it.

San Diego is one of the temperate cities as the temperature sometimes rises in the summer reaching about 35 degree Celsius while it reaches in winter 16 degree Celsius, but it does not rain and snow except in rare cases. 

It is famous for its several beaches and Al Baroun Bridge, which connects the two halves of the city together. It has Qualcom Stadium, which is the stadium of the city team. 

Tourist places in San Diego:

Balboa Park: It features the presence of many museums, trees, flowers and games. 

SeaWorld: It contains several beautiful views, the killer whales, and the sea lion, in addition to the possibility of watching various circus shows.

Old Town: It contains many historical and monumental houses and various Mexican restaurants.

Seaport Village: It contains great and distinctive markets as well as many seafood restaurants.

San Diego Zoo: It includes many different types and varieties of animals. 

Legoland Park: It is considered one of the suitable parks for families, as it contains many recreational places.

Model Railroad Museum‬: It is one of the largest museums in San Diego, and contains four huge models of the California Railroad, with an exhibition hall for displaying small trains for children.

Museum of Man: It is an archaeological and humanitarian museum that contains 72,000 artifacts, as well as 37,000 historical photographs.

Gaslamp Quarter: It is located in downtown, and it is an active place with many restaurants and shops.

Coronado: It is a peninsula on the other side of San Diego, which has the Hotel Del Coronado and various shops and restaurants very close to the beach.

Beaches: San Diego has many beautiful beaches, including Pacific Beach, Moonlight Beach, La Jolla Shores, and many more.