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- Poitiers is a city located in the center of western France, with a population of 87,646 people according to 2012 population.

- It is the capital of Poitou-Charentes region, the center of Vienne region and the large city in it. It was formerly the capital of Poitou province.

- It is about 340 km from Paris, 130 km from Limoges in the southeast, 220 km from Bordeaux in the southwest, and about 180 km from Nantes in the northwest.

- Poitiers is located precisely on a summit with a height of 50 m which overlooks two valleys of two small rivers that meet in its north. These rivers are the Klein river in the east and its bayou in the west and both of them are bayous from Loire River.

- Poitiers in the ancient history was a fortified population center for the Gaul people who named Picton (in French: Pictons). After the conquest of Julius Caesar in 51 BC and after the founding of the Roman Empire, the city was transformed into a Roman model in the first century AD and a theatre, three high waterways and Roman baths were constructed.

- A thick wall surrounded the city in the fourth century, and during this time the city was preached, and became the seat of bishop, and a baptism was built that its bases are still exist until today.

- The people of the Visigoths conquered all the southwestern France at the time of the Germanic invasions, including Poitiers and after the victory of Clovis I of the Franks in 507 at the Battle of West Poitiers, all this region joined the Frankish Kingdom.