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About us

* (MONUMENTS) collects for you , the historical and tourist sites in the world to make your trips more useful and enjoyable 

We interested in diversity in content which blends the benefit and fun with display the identity of the country and identify to the different civilization.

* And desire to be more interactive and useful site we provide the chance to add comments,evaluate sites and how yo deal there .

* You can know the historical and tourist sites in countries with photos and locations for easy arrival .

* Because of the multitude of sites and their diversity , we constantly update the application with the information and experience we get .

* This site is a collection of what we found in books and websites with your personal experiences .

* I hope that the site is good to keep it with you and interact whit it .

Please send what you liked from sites to add it or notes to modify it .

* Hopefully soon, that the site be available by different languages and continuous updates .