Freshwater Beach

About the place

  • Country : Australia , Sydney

  • Address : Freshwater Beach, Freshwater New South Wales 2096, Australia

  • Category : Islands and Beaches

Freshwater Beach


- Freshwater Sydney Beach, which is located on the Tasman Sea, this sandy beach is distinguished by its wonderful location and clear waters, and therefore is the ideal destination for those who love the sea and the sunny weather with its activities and events.

- Freshwater beach visitors prefer marine activities, especially swimming. Enjoying some water sports and games is the best way to add some entertainment to your day at the beach, as the place offers various water sports and games such as surfing.

- You can buy some supplies while you are there if you like, as there are some shops along the beach.

- You can also have a special meal at one of the restaurants or cafes along the beach.

- Cabbage Tree Bay Aquatic Reserve is 4.4 km from the beach site, you can visit it while you are there.

- Stay at Hotel Steyne Sydney is one of the best 4-star hotels in Sydney, it is 3.1 km from the beach.


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