Al Ruwaih Library

About the place

  • Country : Kuwait , Kuwait City

  • Address : National Bookstore, Saud Bin Abdulaziz Street, Kuwait City, Kuwait

  • Category : Cultural Centers

Al Ruwaih Library


- Al-Ruwaih Library is part of Kuwait's cultural heritage, as it was viewed by the people of the fifties and beyond. Most of the people of Kuwait have memories in it. Professor Sobeih Al-Sultan says that his family was close to the library’s location inside the market, and he does not forget that day when he went there to buy the first issue of “Kuwait Today” when it was issued in the mid-fifties, and his father gave him half a rupee. Yesterday he recalled his memories when he went to its old place and how he and his companions were waiting for the arrival of Sinbad and Samir magazines to buy a copy of them.

- Despite the passage of more than 60 years since that time, Sultan Al-Hadrami, who works in the library, still acquires numbers of the two magazines, in addition to treasures of heritage books and precious publications.

- It is noteworthy that the beginning of the library was in 1908. It was founded in 1920 by Muhammad Ahmad Al-Ruwaih. It is considered the first commercial library to sell books, magazines and stationery.


Al-Qabas newspaper on February 3, 2016





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