National Park of Gouraya

About the place

  • Country : Algeria , Béjaïa

  • Address : Stade de Gouraya, Route Touristique, Béjaïa, Algeria

  • Category : Parks and Gardens

National Park of Gouraya

Parc national de Gouraya


National Park of Gouraya is a natural reserve located in Bejaia province, Algeria, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. It is full of picturesque beaches, vast green dense vegetation mountains and valleys emerging from the Atlas Mountains. The park receives 12 million people annually, especially during the summer, due to its presence on the shores of the Mediterranean, and UNESCO designated it a global nature reserve in 2004.

Mount Gouraya, from which the park derives its name, is 660 meters and takes up most of its area, and varies with flora and fauna, including the presence of the Barbary macaque monkeys, which is a local animal in this park, and the golden jackal that exists throughout the park.

The park is located in Bejaia Province, which is bordered from the north by the Mediterranean Sea, from the northwest by Tizi Ouzou Province, from the east by Jijel Province, from the southeast by Setif Province, from the west by Bouïra Province, and from the southwest by Bordj Bou Arréridj Province, and the area of the park is 2080 hectares. The slopes and the mountains take more than 100 hectares, which are characterized by the presence of dense vegetation.


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