Al Adhamiyah Iraqi Restaurant

About the place

  • Country : Qatar , Doha

  • Address : Souq Jaidah, Doha, Qatar

  • Category : Restaurants

Al Adhamiyah Iraqi Restaurant


- Al Adhamiyah is an Iraqi restaurant that serves all kinds of original Iraqi and Arab food, with a warm atmosphere and staff. You cannot leave the restaurant without a smile and a feeling of self-sufficiency.

- Al Adhamiyah Iraqi Restaurant is considered a piece of Iraq in its traditional form. Outside the restaurant, you will find the oven for Masgouf fish, which is one of the most famous Iraqi dishes.

- The place is decorated with décor inspired by the Iraqi heritage, especially the heritage of the city of Najaf, which is one of the most prominent Iraqi cities.

- You can also enjoy Arabic coffee and Iraqi tea with its distinctive flavour.


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