Al Thumama Stadium

About the place

  • Country : Qatar , Doha

  • Address : Al Thumama International Stadium, Doha, Qatar

  • Category : Sport Stadiums

Al Thumama Stadium


Al Thumama Stadium symbolizes the rich Qatari and Arab culture, and the ancient history of our region. This stadium with a capacity of 40,000 seats will host the 2022 FIFA World Cup and the matches will be held on it from the group stage until the quarter-finals.

Al-Thumama Stadium is located 12 km south of the heart of Doha. The design of the stadium was inspired by the shape of Al-Qahfiyah, which is the name of the traditional hat worn by men and this name is known throughout the Arab world and some other countries.

The capacity of the stadium will be reduced in the post-tournament legacy stage to meet the requirements of Qatari sports, and to provide a high-quality sports infrastructure for developing countries. As 20,000 seats will be donated to develop sports projects in different parts of the world, and the stadium will use its new capacity to host football matches and other sporting events. In addition, the facility will have a branch of the world-famous Aspetar Hospital, and a small, modern hotel will replace the upper stands.


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