Chucky Cheese Amusement Park

About the place

  • Country : Saudi Arabia , Jeddah

  • Address : Prince Muhammad bin Abdulaziz Street, Al-Rehab, Jeddah 23345

  • Category : Amusement Parks

Chucky Cheese Amusement Park


Chuck Cheese is one of the most important amusement places in Jeddah, it is located on the Corniche Road and many people visit it.

Chicky Cheese is an amusement park in many Arab and Western countries, it has 524 branches. This amusement park consists of a range of games and restaurants that provide great services.

A tour in Chucky Cheese in Jeddah

Chucky Cheese amusement park in Jeddah contains many electronic games and modern video games, there are electronic hand games that can be controlled by hands, and there are also hand games.

There is alley to play bowling which strengthen the muscles of children and adults, increase the concentration and help to burn a lot of calories.

Chucky Cheese Amusement Park in Jeddah has an ice skating hall for children to enjoy and play with  each other, and there are some trainers to teach the children how to play with the skating tools.

There is a theater for kids, which shows humorous and entertaining plays by famous clowns and actors. 


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