AL-Shallal Park

About the place

  • Country : Saudi Arabia , Taif

  • Address : Al Amir Sultan, Alkhaldia, Taif 26521, Saudi Arabia

  • Category : Amusement Parks

                                         AL SHALLAL PARK 


The "Al Shallal Park" in Taif is considered one of the most important recreational places and one of the most beautiful tourist attractions in Saudi Arabia, as it includes many rides that suit all ages, attracting visitors from all over the Kingdom, in addition to other recreational facilities such as restaurants and green spaces.

overview of AL Shallal park:

Families and friends can have fun in the spacious amusement park, as it hosts the best modern and safe electric rides. This theme park is one of the exciting and thrilling places visitors. You can also have anice meal at one of the special restaurants scattered in the village near the park. It isfull of fast food restaurants to please the kids and adults alike. There are ice cream shops that kids love and make them feel happy. The family can enjoy shopping as the park is near the marketing tent that includes many local products; the visitors can also buy souvenirs.







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