Alghda heritage village

About the place

  • Country : Saudi Arabia , Unaizah

  • Address : Unaizah 56275, Saudi Arabia

  • Category : Urban Facilities

 Alghda heritage village


Al-Ghda Heritage Village is located in the west of Unaizah in Al-Qassim Region, and it occupies an area of four hundred thousand square meters.

"The village is an example of the old market, with its shops of handicrafts and old crafts and aimed to introduce trade and industry which were in the past.

This heritage village was created by the "Ramah Shams" company to be an amazing tourist place that attracts thousands of visitors and promotes tourism in the city.

Contents of the village:

The village included the “old mosque”, the Mashab, women majles, the carpenter and the blacksmith, as well as the mill, the shoemaker, the tanner, the seller of dates and the vegetable seller, in addition to selling fodder and selling firewood and wood forests.

It was also built to host the annual Al-Ghda Festival,which hold recreational and popular activities and other fun activities that are being held in the "Al-Ghada Heritage Village".



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