Altstadt (Old Town)

About the place

  • Country : Austria , Zell am See

  • Address : 5700 Zell am See, Austria

  • Category : Urban Facilities

Altstadt (Old Town)


• Old Town "Altstadt "is one of the main attractions and tourist attractions in Zell am See, Austria, it is famous for its historic buildings and paintings which are found in every corner of the neighborhood.

• The Old Town is located in the Stadtbel district in Zell am See, Austria.

• Tourists coming to Zell am See visit this neighborhood because it is one of the most important places that express the historical side of the city, so if you think about tourism in Austria and decide to visit Zell am See, do not miss the opportunity to wander around the alleys of this distinctive neighborhood.

Architectural description:

• The "old town" in Zell am See is famous for its narrow alleys prepared with combined gravel, which gives the neighborhood a unique elegance that makes you travel through the past to enjoy this atmosphere. The sides of the streets and balconies are also adorned with colorful ribbons that represent the flag and the local symbol of the city of Zell am See. We also find colorful flowers placed on internal balconies and sidewalks.

• As for the walls of the "old town", we see them decorated with different coloured and ornate wall paintings that tell of an ancient art that has not been completed yet. During your walk, you will be very fond of the small fountains which are found at every turn and on its tops, you will see attractive little statues that you will not be bored of contemplating them.

• On the neighborhood path you will find many shops, stores and stalls selling traditional food, cafes and restaurants that place their seats on the streets, and many wonderful handcrafted traditional products are displayed on the sides of the shops and other stores that sell all the needs of local brands.

• You can also discover museums and archaeological sites in the old town that give you a view of the history around you, including the "Historical Museum Stadt", which narrates the development of the city of Zell am See, and the "Church of St. Hippolyte", one of the most prominent historical landmarks of Austria.


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