El Qoubba Mosque

About the place

  • Country : Morocco , Rabat

  • Address : Rue Sidifath, Rabat, Morocco

  • Category : Mosques

  • Establishing Date : In the year 1226 AH / 1811 AD

  • founder : "In the reign of Sultan "Moulay Slimane

El Qoubba Mosque


Al Qoubba Mosque is located in Rue Tahte El Hammam and behind Sidi Fatih Hospital.

It was built during the reign of Sultan "Moulay Slimane" in the year 1226 AH / 1811 AD and its construction was supervised by Minister Muhammad al-Salawi.

This mosque is characterized by its shape of a dome with original and rare architectural features in Moroccan mosques, looking like a square hall with each side measuring 9.85 m.





















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