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Sarajevo is the capital of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina and is classified as the largest city in it, and it is considered the main center of Bosnian culture and civilization and also contains ministries that represent the government, and diplomatic embassies of countries that recognize the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Before the city of Sarajevo became the capital of the republic, it was at the beginning of the twentieth century AD a province belonging to the Austrian kingdom, but it separated from the kingdom with the separation of other cities of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and joined the Federation of Yugoslavia until 1992 AD when Bosnia and Herzegovina declared its independence which included confirmation that the city of Sarajevo is the official capital of the Republic.

The city of Sarajevo is located approximately in the center of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and covers a geographical area of approximately 141.5 km² of the total geographical area, and extends from east to west of Sarajevo a series of mountainous heights, while the northwest region contains the valley of the city of Sarajevo. From the southwest side, the city is surrounded by the Bjelasnica Mountains, which are located near a group of high hills, and the geographical division of the city indicates that it is surrounded by many highlands with a lack of plain areas. As for the climate of Sarajevo, it is continental with medium temperatures. The summer season in the city is not hot, but the winter season is relatively cold.

The city of Sarajevo is one of the diverse societies in terms of the origins of the city’s population, and the population is divided into four groups, namely: Bosniaks, who make up the largest percentage of the population and are considered indigenous to Bosnia and Herzegovina and make up 82% of the population. Croats, who are people of Croatian origin and make up about 6% of the population, Serbs, who are people of Serbian origin and make up 5% of the population, minorities, who are people who immigrated from European countries and settled in Bosnia and Herzegovina and make up 7% of the population. The total population of the city of Sarajevo is approximately 290,000 thousand people.