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Jijel El Aouana

• The city of Jijel is located in the eastern side of the state of Algeria, specifically in the middle of Jiji province, and it is the capital of the province and the capital of the Jijel district as well. The city is one of the largest municipalities in the province in terms of population, with a population of about 134,839 people, according to the 2008 statistics. They live in the city’s estimated area of 6,238 km². The city is bordered on the northern side by the Mediterranean, and on the southern side by the municipality of Kaous. The municipality of Emir Abdelkader borders it on the eastern side, and the municipality of El Aouana borders it on the western side.

Most of the historical sources say that the city is of Phoenician origin and that it is one of the places that the Phoenicians founded in the western basin of the Mediterranean by nearly ten centuries BC, but the name of the city has a different point of views in the sources, some say that it is Phoenician origin and that the word IGILGILI means the shore of the vortex in the Phoenician language, As for if the word was barbaric, it means from a hill to a hill, but there were changes in the name of the city with the change of time periods, so it changed, for example, from Ijigili to Jijel, the current name of the city, but between the two names there were many names, such as: Atlteli, Zizri, Jijel, and Khikhil. 

• Jijel El Aouana, known as the Island of Dreams, as it is a small paradise in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, located in Jijel province and decorated with green forests, golden sands, charming nature, and the waves of the blue sea shore.

• El Aouana Jijel Island is one of the best tourist attractions in Jijel and a destination for tourists looking for calm and relaxation. The island is located 800 meters from the beach of El Aouana. It is also called Goat Island because of a herd of goats that used to inhabit the land of the island in the past.