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• The city of Bejaia is one of the cities of the Algerian Republic and was in the past the capital of Hammadid State, where it was founded in the year 1974 AD, and it was named by a number of names, and its names are: The Pearl of Algeria, Saldi, Boujee, and Nasiriyah.

• The city of Bejaia is located in the north of the Algerian Republic, as it is bordered on the east by Jijel Province, on the north side it is bordered by the Mediterranean Sea, on the northwest side by Tizi Ouzou province, and on the west by Bouïra Province, and on the southwest by Bordj Bou Arréridj Province.

• The city of Bejaia has many terrain, which is the coastal coast, forests planted with olive trees and pine trees, and the national park.

• The Ottomans left in the city a lot of monuments represented in the towers, baths and castles, and the inhabitants of the city of Bejaia participated in the revolution and the war against French colonialism in order to gain independence, so they sacrificed themselves and their money to the homeland. Women also participated in the struggle. The war with the French occupation left great effects in the city, from the destruction of villages, to the demolition of cities, to the destruction of the land, and they left some of their buildings built in the French style.

• The city of Bejaia has a number of tourist attractions, including: Stalactites and stalagmites located in Ouka. Chellata municipality snow-capped mountain, Meeza Tower, Cascades Kefrida.