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About the city


-Tunis is the capital of the Republic of Tunisia, the largest city in terms of population, and it is also the capital of Tunis Governorate.

-The city is located in the north of the country, overlooking the eastern side of the Gulf of the Mediterranean, and the city consists of two parts: An old part, which is the ancient city, which is located on a hill with gentle slopes heading towards Lake Tunis in the east and towards Sebkha Al-Sigoumi in the west, and a modern part which is the modern city that spans the antique city and the lake.

-It is distinguished by its excellent land and sea location, as it is located on the edge of Lake Tunis, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.

- The city of Tunis is the main economic and social center in the country, and it is one of the creative cities registered in the UNESCO list of creative cities in the field of arts and crafts since 2017. One of the most prominent features of it is Zitouna Mosque.