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About the city


Dubai is the second in the seven emirates in terms of area, which is estimated at 4,114 square kilometers, which constitutes 5% of the country's area, excluding the islands.

Dubai is distinguished by its cultural diversity and is known for being a cosmopolitan society that coexists in a way of life familiar to all. It has won the titles “Pearl of the Gulf” and “Danat al-Dunya” due to its rich history and heritage.

Dubai is located on the eastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula in the southwestern corner of the Arabian Gulf, with a length of about 72 km, and is bordered by Abu Dhabi from the south, and Sharjah from the northeast. Dubai rises about 16 meters (52 ft.) above sea level.

Dubai is the capital of the emirate, and it is divided into two parts by a watery bay called Dubai Creek. The southern section is called Bur Dubai, and the northern section is called Deira.

Dubai includes many sandy beaches on the western side, tropical mangroves on the eastern side of the creek, and many deserts in the interior, in addition to valleys in the Hatta region.