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- The city of Málaga is one of the most beautiful Spanish cities. It has been a tourist destination for a large number of tourists around the world since ancient times, Due to the city's mild climate and beautiful landscapes, in addition to its tourist and archaeological landmarks, which belong to a variety and rich civilizations that passed through Malaga. The most prominent of these civilizations is the Islamic civilization, where Málaga enjoyed a great importance in the Islamic history of Andalusia. Malaga extends over an area of 395 km2, with a population of 569,000 people.

 - The city of Malaga is located in the far southeast of Spain, on the coast of the Costa del Sol, or what is known as the Sun Beach on the Mediterranean Sea. Malaga is away from the Strait of Gibraltar by 100 km2.

- It was founded by the Phoenicians in the twelfth century BC, but the city witnessed a great prosperity after the Islamic conquest of it.

- Historians differ in determining the date of the conquest of Malaga, but the most likely opinion is that the city of Malaga was conquered twice, the first one was marginal in the conquests of Tariq bin Ziyad, and soon its people regained it again, then the real conquest of the city came at the hands of Abdul Aziz bin Musa bin Nusair in the year 713 AD when his father sent him to complete the conquest of eastern Andalusia.

- The city of Málaga witnessed great historical events, and it has a great importance to the point of taking it as the capital of some rulers, in the era of the sects, the Alawites Bani Hammoud took it as their capital, and its position continued during the era of the Almoravids and the Almohads, and then it became the second capital after Granada during the era of the rulers of Bani Nasir, but the most important event that Malaga witnessed was its pledge of allegiance to Abd al-Rahman ibn Muawiyah, known after al-Rahman al-Dakhil, and after he assumed the rule of Andalusia, he give the city of Malaga a great attention and care.

- The city of Málaga witnessed many unsuccessful attempts to overthrow it, until attempts by Castile succeeded in overthrowing it in 892 AD.

- Due to the importance of the city of Malaga in the Islamic history of Andalusia, the rulers of that city left a large group of mosques, castles, forts and palaces, which still bear witness to the Islamic civilization here, such as: the Alcazaba and the Mosque of the Andalusians .