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About the city

Umm Salal Municipality


- The municipality was established according to the law issued in the year 1972 AD regarding the establishment of municipalities in Qatar, and the municipality building of Umm Salal was inaugurated on Saturday 16 Dhu al-Qi'dah 1394 corresponding to 11/29/1974 AD in Umm Salal under the patronage of the late Sheikh Muhammad bin Jabr Al Thani, Minister of Municipality and Planning Al-Amrani previously, in the presence of the late Mr. Abdulaziz Al-Ghanim, Chairman of the Shura Council, and the region's notables and sons.

The municipality has been headed by Sheikh / Abdullah bin Ahmed Al Thani since its establishment until today.

- The geographical boundaries are - Al-Kharaitiyat - Umm Salal Muhammad - Umm Salal Ali - Umm Al-Amad - Umm Ebairiya - Saina Al-Humaidi


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