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Duba is a governorate on the Red Sea coast that belongs to the Tabuk region, and located in the northwest of Saudi Arabia.

It is called Duba because in the language of the people of the North the weather is (Dub) means it is hot and humid. In the past, it was known as a safe harbour for trade and fishing in the northern Red Sea, and was famous for abundant fresh water.

Duba is bordered to the north by New Neom, to the south by Wadi Kafafa, Wadi Salma, and Al-Amoud Village. It is located at the intersection of longitude 35,40 with latitude 21, 27 and it is one of the stations of the coastal road known as the Egyptian Hajj Road. Duba flourished during the Saudi era when several projects were established, the most important of which is a salt water desalination plant, which serves the northwest of the Kingdom, connects it with the countries overlooking the Mediterranean basin, and a cement production factory has been established in it.